Teacher Resources

Through a grant from Dominion, museum staff worked with local teachers to develop lesson plans using the Chestory Archive. The lessons are cross-disciplinary and grounded in local environmental science. They are free and available for download here: www.chears.org/environmentalliteracy/lessons.

The museum also participated in a U.S. Department of Education Teach American History program with Sultana Projects, which resulted in teacher-developed lesson plans on the War of 1812. They are free and available for download here: http://sultanaeducation.org/teacher-programs/roots-of-nation-curriculum-aids/

If you are planning to bring students to the museum, either for a guided field trip or a self-guided visit, we suggest you review the following resources to help you prepare for your visit. Each section provides a description of the gallery or exhibit, key terms, interesting facts and things to look for, additional resources and links, as well as activities for your students.

Paleontology Gallery - Clues in the Cliffs
Estuarine Biology Gallery - River to Bay: Reflections and Connections
Maritime History Gallery – Patuxent: A River and Its People
Drum Point Lighthouse