Team Chesapeake

Team Chesapeake is designed to help you learn and experience more from our exhibit, River to Bay: Reflections and Connections. We want to hear what you think about the exhibit, so please take a moment to fill out the Exhibit Feedback form. We want make sure you have the information you need - so check out the "Want to know more about fish?" link. And we want to answer all of your questions, and invite you to "Email the Curator." In short, we want to help you:
Get Informed! ~ Get Connected!  ~ Get Involved!

So THANK YOU for becoming a member of Team Chesapeake. Working together, we can accomplish great things. 


In case you are an oyster gardener or wish to become one!
Chesapeake Bay Foundation will be in Solomons (at the Chesapeake Biological Lab) on October 9th from 10-12 to help folks get involved.  For more details and a Workshop Schedule, click here.