Book a Birthday Party

Parties at the Calvert Marine Museum are a benefit of membership.
Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Our birthday parties accommodate a maximum of 15 children and 5 adults. The fee includes:
  • Admission to the museum
  • Your choice of themed activities lead by a museum educator
  • Reserved space for your party
  • Museum T-shirt for the birthday girl or boy
  • Goodie bags are available at $2 per child and must be purchased when payment is received. No refunds.
You may arrive 30 minutes prior to the program start time to set up for the party in our party room. The program lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and you will have use of our party room for the remaining 45 minutes.

Fees: Basic birthday party: $125
For information and reservations, call 410-326-2042 ext. 41. Parties may be scheduled any day of the week. Reservations must be made at least three weeks in advance.

Party Themes:

Ages 4 - 6

Dino Discoveries:

This is the perfect party for kids that love dinosaurs. We will hunt for a dinosaur nest filled with eggs. If lucky enough to find one, we'll crack an egg open to discover what's inside! Cut loose with the "Dinosaur Stomp", sing dinosaur songs, and make a special take-home dino craft.

Fins and Tails:

At this party kids have tons of fun making a marsh animal shadow puppet and putting on a puppet show featuring Tammy the Turtle (it's her birthday too!) Tour the animals in the discovery room and our aquariums, and visit the Squeak, the museum's playful river otter! 

Otters and Friends:

Stop off at the otter tank and visit with Squeak our delightful river otter. Enter into the world of the salt marsh and watch out for some amazing marsh animals. Make an "otterly" special craft and listen to an otter story. Bubbles, our museum mascot, will make a surprise visit to the birthday party- a great photo op! 

Ages 5 - 10

Mermaid's Have a Ball:

 Dress up as mermaids for this party and come to the mermaid ball! Decorate a treasure chest with paint and jewels. Sashay around and blow mermaid kisses to Squeak the otter. Play games to tunes from "Under the Sea" and have fun groovin' as we have a free style dance party. Smile pretty for a photo op in our mermaid cut-out to make a birthday memory.

Pirate Adventures:

 AHOY MATEYS! have a swashbuckling party in your finest pirate attire. Following Captain Birthday's orders, the crew will paint and decorate a treasure chest, play dastardly games, swab the deck and walk the plank. After going on a treasure hunt through the museum, the booty will be shared by all. Deliver your best ARRRGGG for a photo op in our pirate cut out as a birthday memory!  Download Cool Invitations

Outrageous Otters:

 Stop off at the otter tank to see what Squeak, the museum river otter is up to. Have fun learning how to entice and entertain the otter by doing otter enrichment activities. Make an "otterly" unique craft and play an animal detective game. "Bubbles" will also make a guest appearance for a great photo ops!  Download Cool Invitations

Junior Paleontologist:

Calling all fossil hunters! Explore our fossil hall, investigate our fossil cart, learn to identify different kinds of fossils and dig in a fossil matrix like a real paleontologist. Have fun making a "fossil" out of small animals and plaster. See how terrified you can look when you get your picture taken inside the giant Megalodon jaws! 


 Enter into the silent and deadly world of sharks if you dare. Touch the teeth in a real shark jaw and have fun making a real shark tooth necklace. Visit our giant Megalodon skeleton to see how big sharks were long ago. Play Feed the Shark bean bag game, join in a feeding frenzy and play "Sharks and Minnows." Get your photo taken inside a giant shark jaw! 

Skipjacks, Schooners, and Sloops:

This party is all about building. Design a one of a kind toy boat that really floats! Sailors will get to use hammers, nails, glue, fabric and several other tools to create a toy boat to take home. Spend an hour designing, building and decorating a toy boat and then move to the party room for a birthday celebration!