Don't Move a Mussel

In 2008, the highly invasive and damaging zebra mussel was discovered in the Maryland portion of the Susquehanna River. The invasion of the Chesapeake's many freshwater tributaries is eminent. This species has been very effective at hitching rides between water bodies, carried by unsuspecting humans. It is only a matter of time. You can help slow the spread and allow time for planners and policy makers to create adaptive strategies to cope with the zebra mussel. Always wash down your boat, bilge and gear between launches. Better yet, allow this equipment to completely dry before using it in a new water body. These hitchhikers are not alone. Our native comb jelly has been inadvertently transported across the Atlantic and is now causing widespread damage to whole fisheries as the comb jelly is an effective predator of fish larvae.

Come learn how other invaders have been transported into our ecosystems, and find out ways you can keep from aiding the spread of Eco-Invaders in your area. Stewardship is a merit badge we can all take pride in wearing!

Zebra mussel

Scientific name:
Dreissena polymorpha